Lonely nights and the sounds of desperation, Desperation of you to feel the closeness in me, Where it last years ago, Sweet sound of my breathing, Makes your heart beats fast, Trying to control but you can’t resist, The pain in me, might take my life someday, The pain I gave, might take you away […]

Black heart

The day I born was the day full of sin, Trying hard to be lucky, But cursed to be a evil, Sorrow hidden beneath the soul, Pain became a part of happiness, Crime became a way to show an expression, Guilt was never part of inner instincts, Killing was a easy fix, Shadows was invisible, […]


Growing up wasn’t easy for him. He leaves his passion for the one he loves. He couldn’t fight with his higher expectation parents, who want him to walk on the same path which they walked these past 50 years. All he wanted was to be an artist, he wants to perform, he wants to show […]


Your past will not decide what’s in the future, Your future will not decide what’s in the past. What you have written will not decide your fate, What fate has written will not decide what you’ve written. Failing doesn’t mean you have lost, Losing doesn’t mean you’ve failed. Rising will not prove you’ve won, Winning […]


My essence is my teardrops, Each teardrops contain toxic, Which falls into a black hole, Where sorrows stucked in my soul, I cry out the pain, And the pain remains with, My essence of my teardrops. **By live4write(rkc)–posted on WordPress ** Copyright©2018 by Radha.K.Chettri All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, […]

The Voice -PartNinetyNine- #250words

“Everyone, meet Steve, my boyfriend” Wait. What did she just call me? “Its George’s birthday today” “And the accident?” “Cliche Steve! I ask Amy to lie, if not how would I know that..” “I love you too, Claire” We kissed, finally! But what about Amy and Brad?. **By live4write(rkc)–posted on WordPress ** Copyright©2016 by Radha.K.Chettri […]

The Voice -PartNinetyEight- #250words

“Why are we going to C’s house instead of the hospital?” “Hmm, Brad why are we going to C’s place?” “You told me to Amy!” “How can you be this moron, Brad!” “Guys!” “We reached, let’s go in” “What the…” “Hurrmm!” “C! Amy told me that..!” “Let’s go in” “But..”. **By live4write(rkc)–posted on WordPress ** […]

The Voice -PartNinetySeven- #250words

“Steve! We need to go to Claire’s place, now!” “Wait, what happened?” “Its Claire, something happened and George!” “Can you please tell me, Amy!” “They had an accident and its..” “It’s what?” This is not happening, this is not happening. Please God, please. **By live4write(rkc)–posted on WordPress ** Copyright©2016 by Radha.K.Chettri All rights reserved. No […]

The Voice -PartNinetySix- #250words

“She’s not here, isn’t she?” “She will, maybe not today” “Claire, let’s just move on” “Guys, I think we should go inside” “Ya Brad. Amy lets go” Office never seems to be this quiet. Her desk is empty. All these years, how didn’t I realize that she’s the one. **By live4write(rkc)–posted on WordPress ** Copyright©2016 […]