The Voice -PartSeventyEight- #250words

“Ma, who are those guys who came with Aunt Amy?” “No one honey, just some friends from working place” “But why you were yelling at them?” “Okay you asked enough question, time to sleep” “Ma. You know I’m not 6 anymore” “Who says you are. Now good night’. **By live4write(rkc)–posted from WordPress ** Copyright©2016 by […]

The Voice -PartSeventySix-#250words

“Listen C! It’s obvious that you’re into him, please don’t neglect it just because of your past!” “You know everything then why did you bring him here!” “C, you need to move on!” Move on, but how? I see him in George. Those moment together. “Claire!” “Mom!”. **By live4write(rkc)–posted from WordPress ** Copyright©2016 by Radha.K.Chettri […]

The Voice -PartSeventyFive-#250words

I don’t know how Claire going to react after seeing me there. I’m nervous. “How can you do this to me Amy, he’s here and you didn’t tell me!” “It’s for your own good!” “You should have known better!” **By live4write(rkc)–posted from WordPress ** Copyright©2016 by Radha.K.Chettri All rights reserved. No part of this publication […]

The Voice -PartSeventyFour- #250words

“After all the chaos you did and after all those Amy’s dramatic scene, suddenly you guys are in love. What the!” “I know, it’s complicated but it happened!” “I’m confuse!” “Just say you forgive me!” “I don’t know about that yet but I need to see C!” “I can take you to her” **By live4write(rkc)–posted […]

The Voice -PartSeventyThree-#250words

“You backstabbed me and now you’re sorry!” “Look, I was being selfish over love, I shouldn’t have done that and I regret it. I’m sorry!” “I don’t care!” “Steve. I loved Amy and so did you. Things changed now and you know that too!” “I’m your best friend!” “I’m sorry!”. **By live4write(rkc)–posted from WordPress ** […]

The Voice -PartSeventyTwo-#250words

I call Steve’s grandma Nana too, because she always makes me feel like her own. Every visit we gamble and she cook amazing. “What make you come here?” “Still mad dude?” “After what happened?!” “My fault! I apologise man!” “Apologies? Really?”. **By live4write(rkc)–posted from WordPress ** Copyright©2016 by Radha.K.Chettri All rights reserved. No part of […]

The Voice -PartSeventyOne-#250words

Steve’s parents died in a car accident when he was 7, since then he lives with his grandma.  “Brad!” “Hey! Nana, how are you?” “I’m fine. I asked Steve, where’s Brad and he didn’t answer me. Is everything okay between you two?” “We’re fine. I caught up with some work” “Brad!” “Hey, Steve”. **By live4write(rkc)–posted […]

The Voice -PartSeventy-#250words

“Once you reach Philly, call me!” “Will do my love” “Why Brad is heading up to Philly?” “Our new manager, gave him task to do” “At Philly, really?” “Yup!” “Okay” I lied to Claire. He went to find Steve. We can’t keep Romeo and Juliet away. Claire need Steve. If she finds out, I’m dead;again. […]

The Voice -PartSixtyNine-#250words

Amy and my family known each other for decades. That’s why we know each other very well. “Brad thought Gina was my mom!” “Haha, how he came up with that!” “I know!” “And you love him?” “Who thought that!” “So C, how is Steve doing?” “You don’t know?!” “What?”‘. **By live4write(rkc)–posted from WordPress ** Copyright©2016 […]