The Voice -PartSeventyOne-#250words

Steve’s parents died in a car accident when he was 7, since then he lives with his grandma.  “Brad!” “Hey! Nana, how are you?” “I’m fine. I asked Steve, where’s Brad and he didn’t answer me. Is everything okay between you two?” “We’re fine. I caught up with some work” “Brad!” “Hey, Steve”. **By live4write(rkc)–posted […]

The Voice -PartSeventy-#250words

“Once you reach Philly, call me!” “Will do my love” “Why Brad is heading up to Philly?” “Our new manager, gave him task to do” “At Philly, really?” “Yup!” “Okay” I lied to Claire. He went to find Steve. We can’t keep Romeo and Juliet away. Claire need Steve. If she finds out, I’m dead;again. […]

The Voice -PartSixtyNine-#250words

Amy and my family known each other for decades. That’s why we know each other very well. “Brad thought Gina was my mom!” “Haha, how he came up with that!” “I know!” “And you love him?” “Who thought that!” “So C, how is Steve doing?” “You don’t know?!” “What?”‘. **By live4write(rkc)–posted from WordPress ** Copyright©2016 […]

The Voice -PartSixtyEight-#250words

“She didn’t say anything, Brad” “Maybe she thought that old coffee shop wasn’t the right place to talk” “Don’t you dare calling​ that coffee shop old, it’s my father’s!” “Wait. What!” “What?” “The old lady who served​ us coffee, was your mom?” “Shut up Brad!” “Why?” “Hmm, can I come in?” “Ma!”. **By live4write(rkc)–posted from […]

The Voice -PartSixtySeven-#250words

“How? When? Really guys!” “After you and Steve, gone!” “Wait, You hated Brad and now!” “I never realized that I was in love with ‘the voice’ not Steve! I was so selfish towards you, C! I knew how you feel for Steve, yet I..I’m sorry, C” “Amy just, let’s go home”. **By live4write(rkc)–posted from WordPress […]

The Voice -PartSixtySix-#250words

“Claire, it’s my home too” “I know! But suddenly?” “I thought you were angry with me!” “No, I’m not!” “You left without saying anything, Claire!” “Huh! I just needed some alone time and I missed George, so I came back and what’s up with Brad?!” “He and I..” “No way..!!. **By live4write(rkc)–posted from WordPress ** […]

The Voice -PartSixtyFive-#250words

“Who was that?” “Why, you like her?” “I’m just asking!” “Eww! I just hate her! She went to the same high school with us and acted like a B*!” “Okay I got it” “I wished I can..” “Amy! Brad!” “Claire!” “Gosh You’re fine! I thought..” “What are you guys doing here?” **By live4write(rkc)–posted from WordPress […]

The Voice -PartSixtyFour-#250words

God! Nothing changed here. Same scenario, same people. Okay, gossiping started. Smile Amy, just smile. Oh! The barber shop still exist? Wow! Mr Harper, he’s old. “Well well, look whose back after 8 years and if  I’m not mistaken, Claire is back too!” “Get a life!” **By live4write(rkc)–posted from WordPress ** Copyright©2016 by Radha.K.Chettri All […]

The Voice -PartSixtyTwo-#250words

After her husband passed away, her parents pushed her to finish her studies and they take care of little George. She straight join working here with me in this big city, Ny. No one ever knew, her life is shattered except for myself and I played with it. **By live4write(rkc)–posted from WordPress ** Copyright©2016 by […]