Kuala Lumpur

Bio: --> I have higher imagination --> I write for mind peace --> I write for myself Little story about me--> In high school, I was that kid seemed to be the "attention seeker" and I was quite famous. And I really enjoyed it a lot. After graduating, I went to college and I started to walk alone because all the maniacs there was totally strangers and I wasn't famous anymore!! So I always fly in my world full of fantasy and I start writing for first time ever. I was 19 when I grab pencil, use my imagination, find a new world and bought hundreds of book to find new sentences. Today 10 years pasted and I'm glad that I was surrounded by strangers because of them I learn, I observed and I am happy. I embrace the nerd. I love reading and writing or smiling anywhere I want too. Hopefully we cross paths in the real world someday and we can make it a better place together. And don't be ashamed of who you are and what you going to be!! -liveforwrite-

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  1. Hello and Thank you so much for visiting my Book Promo blog. I’m sure you must have found me by way of Jason of Harsh Reality? I just that guy! LOL. Love your writing style and I am now following you back. Much Success XO

    Catherine Townsend-Lyon, Author & Columnist for In Recovery Magazine’s “The Authors Cafe” debuting in June 2016 …


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