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Bio: Myself, Radha K.Chettri. Growing up was not an easy deal for me, being in a higher expectation towards parents always let me be in my low self-esteem. I struggled on my teenage days, I stopped my passion for music and arts and dancing and started to put on more weight. Life seems never was fair to me. It has always been in the opposite direction. I drop of college and started to earn, in the beginning, it was fun. Being independent was great. I felt like I own the world because I knew, hoping for someone isn't fun. Being underestimated isn't fun. Years of working, when I realized what I've left behind, it hurts the most. I left, what I loved the most, writing. In this world, there's always leave something you loved the most behind and I did the same. I realized 10 years later, that I need to continue what I've left farther behind and shown the world that age is just a number. Even in a busy life, you still can find what your passion ar. Age won't stop you. All you need is courage and knowledge. Nothing is bigger than being brave for what is right and learning new things every single day. I started liveforwrite in 2014, its been three years, yet, for me, I'm still a beginner and I'll always be a beginner because of no one born intelligent without learning and learning is very powerful and writing, brings peace to your heart and knowledgeable in your mind.

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  1. Hello and Thank you so much for visiting my Book Promo blog. I’m sure you must have found me by way of Jason of Harsh Reality? I just that guy! LOL. Love your writing style and I am now following you back. Much Success XO

    Catherine Townsend-Lyon, Author & Columnist for In Recovery Magazine’s “The Authors Cafe” debuting in June 2016 …


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