Wind boy from Winderland


Once upon a time in a place called Wonderland, lived a King and a Queen Winchester with their beautiful baby, Princess Windly Winchester. Wonderland was a place where fairies, leprechauns, unicorns and some other beautiful creatures lived among humans. It’s a place full with peaceful and kindness. On the night where the King and Queen Winchester, invited all the creatures and humans to celebrate their happiness of a new born. All of sudden, the moon was disappeared and the wolves started to bark-howl. The fairies started to sense that something bad is going to happen and they worked out their magic and put a protection spell all around Wonderland. Just like they sensed, came an ugly witch who call herself, Darko. She had a long grey hair, she had a deep white eyes, her nails was sharp and her teeth was almost as a vampire’s. She was not invited to the celebration because once she was almost killed the King. As she stood in front of Wonderland and demanding to enter, the King and Queen Winchester refused and asked her the reason why she is here. She said she wanted to bless the new born. King Winchester knew that she wasn’t here for that all she wanted was, revenge.

King Winchester and his friends was exploring around the jungle for a hunt. King Winchester mistakenly shot one of her animal. When King Winchester realized, he had done something worst, he immediately apologized to the witch and even gave her some coins to cure the animal. But the witch was so angry and she took her knife and almost slaughtered King Winchester. The servants who followed King Winchester got angry and chased her away. While she was running, she said to King Winchester that she will destroy his love one like he killed her animal who she raised as her own. That moment, King Winchester knew she will be back. When King Winchester asked her to go away politely, Go far away from Wonderland. She cursed them by saying “When your Princess will be eighteen years old, she will meet her Prince Charming and he will kill your Princess. Hahahahahah! And she will fall asleep forever. By then only a true love can bring her alive”. The way she laughed, makes everyone scare and before King Winchester ordered his servant to catch her, the witch was already gone. King and the Queen Winchester got scared and begged the fairies and leprechauns to do something. The leader of the leprechaun, Ami told them not to be afraid as long as Princess Windly stays inside of Wonderland, no one can harm her. And the three fairies went closer to Princess Windly and granted a wish: have courage, be kind and have a life.

Eighteen year later, on the sunny morning, when the wind blows and touched Princess Windly’s soft face, her long black hair brushed her face. She yawn on her bed for more sleep as she smiled and re-memorized from where the King and the Queen Winchester had her name. Princess Windly was born when the King and Queen Winchester was out for travelling at a land called, Winderland. Winderland was a place where the wind never stop moving. The mountains and the plants over there are magically colorful and also beautiful. On the day, when Queen Winchester felt she was about to deliver her baby, she called out all the amazing creatures to help her to give birth to her child with health, wealth and kindness. When the creatures who lived at Winderland started to make a wish, Winderland suddenly had an attack of a stormy wind. So strong and breezy. Winderland had never experienced something like that before. The animals and plants started to sang. The mountain growl with happiness. When the first time the baby cried, the stormy wind slowed down as it listen and obey to her. There for they named her Princess Windly Winchester from the Wonderland. Since that day, the wind never stop following her as it wanted to be with her forever, like a true love. She was happy because it was her birthday. She went and took a shower and sang while bathing. King and the Queen Winchester was having breakfast at the castle’s backyard. Princess Windly ran towards them and hugged them by saying “Mother, Father! Good morning and guess what, it’s my birthday today and I’m eighteen now”. The King and the Queen Winchester’s face looked distracted and worry. Princess Windly noticed and asked, what’s bothering them. They smile to her as nothing happened but they did warned her not to go out of Wonderland, ever. Princes Windly was a stubborn type of person, when you say no it mean yes to her. Eighteen years she has been waiting for the time, when she will be out of Wonderland and explore other places such as Winderland. The place where she was born and got her name. She always loves to hear her mother storytelling her about Winderland. King and the Queen Winchester make an announcement to all the people and all the beautiful creatures to invite all the neighborhood land to Princess Windly Winchester’s eighteen birthday celebration and most importantly the King and the Queen Stordim and their Prince of Winderland. When the name of Winderland was mentioned, Princess Windly got excited and eagerly wanting to meet the highest honor and she also blushed away by hearing the name of Prince; Prince Rael Stordim of Winderland.

The night celebration of Princess Windly’s birthday, the crowd was full and the decoration on the back yard of the castle was stunning. The night was full- mooned and bright as a shining diamond. The stars was dancing and the wind was soft as Princess Windly’s happiness. When the servant announce that the King and the Queen Winchester appeared to the event. The guests, the people and the creatures of Wonderland was amazed with the glow on the couple’s face was mesmerizing as they were in love for the first time. The King and the Queen Winchester shook their hand to all the guest and also welcomed all the creatures and the people of Wonderland who took their time and attend their daughter’s eighteen birthday. But the King and the Queen Winchester did not notice any one from Winderland. The King and Queen Winchester was disappointed. All of sudden, the servant announced the presences of the King and the Queen Stordim and their Prince of Winderland. King and Queen Winchester looked at each other’s face and smiled. King and the Queen Winchester hugged and welcomed them. When King and the Queen Stordim introduced their Prince. The sound of the environment changed with silence. When they turned around and they saw, Princess Windly walking towards the backyard. She was wearing a pink sprinkled long ball gown with a glassed high heels and her hair was braided on the side with roses, the way she dressed her up, took everyone’s attention and keep looking at her without releasing their breath. As Princess Windly was walking towards, her eyes meets Prince Rael Stordim’s eyes. Their soul was connected on the first time they saw each other. First love attacked. With the gentle, Prince Rael bend down and asked her to hold his hand while walking. The wind become windier, like an envy feeling came thru it.  King and Queen Winchester has forgotten all the cursed and started to tear up joy and realized, their little princess is soon going to be someone else, Queen.  Princess Windly smiled all night through the event. King Winchester asked her to dance with her and she was thrilled and happy because it was her first dance with her father. And as soon Prince Rael stood and ask permission to dance with Princess Windly, King Winchester got amused. All the people in the event, was mesmerized seeing Prince Rael and Princess Windly dance and the love was obvious. The whole night, the wind blows without stopping as it understands that the Prince and Princess are in love, madly or it was envy.

When the celebration was over. The King and the Queen Winchester and Stordim decided to go inside the castle and have a cup of coffee. As for the Princess Windly and Prince Rael, they sat at the garden and watch over full moon and all of sudden Prince Rael asked Princess Windly, “My mother told me that you never been out of Wonderland. And why it is so?” She smiled shyly and said, “I do not know. But I always wonder how is like to be out there. Is it beautiful? Are all the people nice as my people? How Winderland looked like? Does the wind feels the same out there? Father said, outside world is dangerous, is it true?” When she asked the question, Prince Rael look her in the eye and all he saw was innocents and kindness. He giggled and winked at her. “Nevermind!” He said. “Would like to go and look the outside world?” When the Prince said that, Princess Windly stood up and started to jump with excitement. She hold Prince Rael and said “Please show me the world”. He shook his head, grab Princess Windly’s hand and ran towards the gate of Wonderland together and they looked at each other and laughed out load. When the wind started to blow stronger as it gave warning to the Princess so that she doesn’t step out. The fairies sensed that Princess Windly was standing one step closer to the gate. They aware all the creatures by then it was too late. Princess Windly was standing outside of the gate with Prince Rael. The protection spell was already broken. The witch, Darko was already sensed that Princess Windly finally has stepped out of Wonderland. The sound of the witch Darko cackle and all of the sudden, sky turned smoky and moon was gone. The wolves growled loudly and the wind started to breeze stronger. Princess Windly started to felt creep and her heart beat as someone playing drum out loud. She looked at Prince Rael and she started to feel dizzy. Prince Rael hold her tightly closer and whispered to ear by saying, “See you next time, my princess”. She knew that it was not the Prince Rael, it was someone else. She noticed the smile of the Prince Rael was devilish and hours of spending time with him, he does not smile like an evil. When she fainted. Prince Rael, laughed evilly by looking the creatures who was standing inside of the gate. King and Queen Winchester and Stordim ran as fast as possible out from the castle when they heard an evil laughing voice and the strong wind hits the windows. King and Queen Winchester was aware that their Princess was in trouble. For a happiness of seconds, they forgotten the promised they made to protect the princess. As the King and Queen Stordim hold Prince Rael’s hand so that he stop with what he have done, he laughed like a witch and fainted.

As the servants carries both Princess Windly and Prince Rael to place them on a comfortable bed, the fairies and all the other beautiful creature when out to search for Darko. Darko lives on the top of an oak tree which was alive and will never let anyone closer. The unicorns’ smelled something awful coming from the jungle, they signaled to the fairies and other creatures. When all of them went closer to the oak tree. The oak tree got angry and demand to stay far. “Dear tree, we no harm to you. All we wanted is to meet Darko the witch” said Ami the leader of leprechauns. “My name is not tree, I’m the great Oakly. Darko warned me that I should not let anyone in this territory. But since you told me you’re no harm to me, can I know what brings you all here to meet Darko” said Oakly the tree. Oakly the tree’s voice was grudge just like how he look. Huge, strong and brave. When Ami the leader of leprechaun told him everything. Oakly the tree started to laugh and said “True love is the cure but her true love is also fainte and might not awake if she’s not. Now no one can help or save your Princess either can’t the witch. Your King killed her animal so he is going to pay for the sin he did”. When he laughed the creatures of Wonderland got angry and started to work their magic trick by then Darko the which came down from the tree and said “My, my, my! Anger is in every one. Your Princess Windly true love is fainted and will not awake until she is. I said only true love will wake her from the death but did I mention the Prince is her true love? All I said was, her Prince will kill her and that did happened. I put spell on him so that he took Princess Windly out from the Wonderful, Wonderland and my spell worked. And so pity who will be your Princess true love? Hahahahahah!!” The loud crackle of the witch makes the creature from Wonderland angrier but the leader of unicorn, Lily was patient. All she wants was the truth so that they can save Princess Windly’s life. “My dear Darko, the King was no harm to your animal. If he knew that it would hurt you so much, he would never kill do that. Why punishing Princess for the sin he did? She was not even part off it. Don’t you have heart? You saw her growing up by eyeing on her from this tall oak tree. Whenever the Princess saw you from the far, she pity you and demanded to bring you and take care of you. When she has the kindness for you. Why don’t you give her kindness back by saving her life” pledge Lily the leader of unicorn. When Lily the leader of unicorn started to cry. Darko the witch, sat down and teared up for the first time in her life by thinking how wrong she was. She regret every mistake she has done but it was too late she said “I’m sorry and I couldn’t do anything but there’s one way to save the Princess. You can try. Bring her to Winderland place where she was born and you might get the answer, there”. The witch was regretful and willing to help the King and Queen Winchester, yet she has to pay the consequences of her behavior.

The King and the Queen Winchester ordered Lily the leader of unicorn and Ami the leader of leprechaun to take care of Wonderland until they are back from Winderland. The fairies followed them as they need to chants some spell to wake the Princess and Prince. All the people and creatures of Wonderland, pray all night for Princess Windly and Prince Rael. They hold candle and flowers as a sign of hope. As the journey to Winderland was seven hours. By the time they reached to Winderland, the weather was almost as sunrise, cold and mild but the wind doesn’t seem happy. When the witch stepped on the land of Winderland, it’s started to rain heavily and all the mountains growling with anger and lightening hits all the trees. Everyone was started to panic as it was end of the world. The witch knee down and yelled “Oh all mighty, all I’m here is to wash my sin away. I’m here to help the Prince and Princess. Please forgive me for my sin”. All of sudden, all the wind, storm, lightening and the rain gathered and became a huge tornado. It was dark and angry. The voice was grudge and loud. All the people and the creatures of Winderland ran hurry to save their life. The King and the Queen Winchester and Stordim and the fairies tried to pull out the case where Princess Windly and Prince Rael was but the wind was so strong and it was hard to them to pull. The witch pledged for forgiveness but the strong tornado was not able to listen. All of sudden, the King and Queen Winchester shouted “Noo!! My daughter. Someone help her!” When Darko the witch looked up, Princess Windly was flying high. Her eyes was closed and the tornado grab her higher as it can. And suddenly the tornado shouted, “You witch!! Your life to her and I’ll forgive you”. The witch said “No please!! Only true love can save her, a true love!! Love which with loyalty and a holy heart. But not my life, please I beg!!” The witch cried and cried. All of sudden the strong tornado slide Princess Windly down on the ground slowly. The King and the Queen Winchester ran towards her. The angry tornado grabbed Darko the witch and took her somewhere, where no one ever knows. All of sudden, the dark and angry tornado turned into a white, clear and pure wind.

When the King and Queen Winchester carry Princess Windly and let her sleep in their shoulder, all they thought was their little Princess was no more. Their tears dropped on Princess Windly and all of sudden, “Mother, Father! Where am I?” The King and the Queen Winchester got shock and hugged her tightly and they turned and look for Prince Rael, he was awake too. Both King and Queen Winchester and Stordim wonder, there was no true love then how did Princess Windly awake. The white, clear and pure wind came across and said, “I’m Princess Windly true love” Everyone was shocked. He smiled and said “When the day Princess Windly was born until these day, I never been apart from her. When the day I saw her for the first time, I decided, I will love her for rest of my life. I will be the true, loyal and a holy grace wind and I promised myself to protect her even I have to give my own life. I’m no human but my love for her is more than a human can ever give”. When Princess Windly hears what the wind said, she ran towards the wind and said “That’s why I never felt alone even I was all alone but it’s sad, you are not a human where I can fall in love with?” The sadness in Princess Windly’s eyes made all the creatures of Winderland, and the fairies surround the pure wind and started to blow the magic sprinkles and with one wink of eye, the wind turned into a handsome, tall and fair boy who looked just innocent as Princess Windly. Without hesitating, the King and the Queen of Winderland announced that the boy will be their adopted son and the named him Prince Winder. Prince Rael came along and apologized, where everyone knows, it wasn’t his fault at all. The King and Queen Winchester thanked Prince Winder for his loyalty staying with Princess Windly and for saving her. The King and the Queen Winchester asked permission of the Prince Winder to take her daughter’s hand as his wife. Prince Winder looked at Prince Rael, all he did was smiled and shook his head, yes. By then, the King and Queen of Wonderland and Winderland announced the wedding will be held tonight. All the people and the creatures of Wonderland came to Winderland and gave teach other hand as a bond of friendship. The King and the Queen Winchester and Stordim and Prince Rael was happy with the pleasance of Prince Winder where they knew that no one else can keep Princess Windly happy and safe forever else then, a pure heart wind boy. Prince Winder and Princess Windly was married that night and they lived happily ever after.

The end.

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