Cafe 1987 — Part Final

I never thought our life would end up this way. Cafe 1987, is the cafe where gave us the hope for living. Tasha wasn’t that attach with the cafe like I do. She owe Mr and Mrs Evans and that’s the only reason she comes over here to help whenever she wants too but myself, this place is home and heaven. When we had nothing, we stayed here. We sleep back at the small store room where the first time me and John had the conversation. We ate at the customer’s table, we think that as our dining table. The bathroom especially. The cafe is our first ever home we ever lived, with no arguments, no one to control us and no tears. We lived at the cafe for almost a year until we found our place. And today, I have to let it go. I didn’t left only the cafe behind, I left someone who meant the world behind. What can I do, I am forced and its my responsibility to take care of my parents. Even though after what they did to us. That evening keeps on repeating inside me. I wished we never found out this way. As I was sitting and staring at the window, the incident played again. “Come inside, I don’t want to create any scene outside of the house”, I said while opening the door. They came inside and I asked them to sit and wait for Tasha to come over. Silence break down. I have nothing to talk with them but even if I did, I know they will brainwashed me. That’s the reason I sat quietly. Suddenly I heard, car stopped and door was shut so loudly. I knew that was Tasha and I was right. She came inside the house with rage. As soon as she entered, she started to yell, “What else? Why? We are fine!! We don’t need you!! I know why you guys are here, you guys are getting old and need someone to take care off, right?”. I told to her calm herself as she was going over-board. Then I start the talk. “Look her, mom and dad. You guys ditch us out years ago and what makes you come here. We don’t have anything to give. As a parents, you guys already gave us more than we never expected. Why now?”. I looked at their face, they were sad and I turned around and gave Tasha the look of “why are they crying”, she rolled her eyes. My mom, she started to cry and asking for forgiveness and we knew, she was in between of her husband and her child but how can we understand when she didn’t stand for the right. That’s what make us angry on her, else we are not really angry at her. When suddenly, our dad start to beg by asking for apology. Both of us were in shocked. That man who we knew 6 years ago, will never ask for sorry to anyone and today, what makes him ask sorry to us. “Please! Forgive me for what I’ve done to you. I’m a father and I was supposed to protect you and I let you go. When a child do mistakes, parents forgive them. I know what I’ve done to you two even God gave me the punishment”. For a minutes, me and Tasha was staring at each other. “What do you mean by punishment, dad” asked Tasha. I know she started to feel nervous as I was, then I joined her and asked the same but we never thought that this will be his answer which shattered us into pieces. “I only have 1 month to live, I’m diagnose with last stage of cancer and its spreading all over”. When he started to cough and we saw blood on his hand. That moment I decided, that’s it, we need to go.

As I was looking at the back yard of my parents house. Thinking of Cafe 1987 and John, I heard a shouting noise. I walk upstairs and saw my mom was holding my dad’s hand and crying. I knew’d he’s no more but at least he knew at his very last breath that, we forgiven him. As Tasha and I was standing beside our mom at the cemetery of my father. Our mom said that,”Its been a week since your father is gone and you guys are still here. Your father never was the father you dream off or a husband which I expected he was. Now he’s no more. And I’m all alone, no where to go”. Me and Tasha hugged her and cried. No matter what, he was our father and we did love him. We went back home and mom started to cook something for us. I helped her with cutting some vegetables and Tasha was sitting next to me quietly and it was the first time, she is silent for a very long time. “I wonder, why did you leave cafe 1987? I didn’t resign from my job cause I am going back there and why did you resigned? For dad? or you were running from someone, name John!!”. I stopped cutting the vegetables and stunned for a minute and wonder why is she bringing this up. I look at my mom and she started to asking question to Tasha. Just a week back they was enemy and now suddenly they are friends.”What someone, there was someone? Honey, I never wanted you to accept Sam. Your dad called him along by thinking you might change your mind but John!! What I’ve missed? Tasha, tell me!!”. I look at them and Tasha starting to tell everything to mom. I waited until she finished. Mymom teared up and look at me. She hug me and said, “Don’t do this mistake. That guy is worth for you. What is holding you back?”. When she said something like that, I started to share everything with her. “Mom! I left the cafe for him. There’s just memory of him at that cafe and he too. Every time when we get the moment, things never worked out and I’m sure, he already tired with me and my problems appear”. All of sudden, my mom stood up and slapped me and shouted, “DID HE MENTION ANYTHING TO YOU? NOOOO…!! GET YOUR ASS OFF THAT CHAIR AND GET OUT FROM MY HOUSE AND GO GET HIM NOWW!! Look honey, they don’t come all the time. When they did, don’t let go. I’m sure he’s waiting for you”. When she started to shout, I thought she is going to kill me but she made me realized how stupid I was. How even I thought of leaving him and the cafe, how? I turn and look at my partner in crime, Tasha who was already holding the car key. We kissed our mom and drove as fast as we can.

We reached at the cafe sharp on the closing time. It took 3 hours to reach. I walked hurry to towards the cafe. “Jas, Tasha, guys!! What are you doing here? And I’m so sorry for your lost”. As Logan was blabbering, I interrupted and ask “Where’s John?”. Bella came out of the cafe and said “I heard that John went back to Singapore”. I took a long breath and looked at Tasha, she hugged and started to feel bad. “Tasha, you go first, I’ll come in a while”. She looked at me and I gave her the “I’ll be okay look” and she understood it. I look at the cafe and I memorized the first time I saw John and how things was. I smiled and teared up on the same time. Bella, Logan and Tasha drove back to our place and I stood there looking at the cafe. After few minutes of standing and crying, suddenly I heard a voice saying, “Wow!! Cupid cries too?”. Without wasting time I turn around and saw John was standing there. I was shocked seeing him here at the cafe at this time. “You were supposed to be at Singapore and what are you doing here?” I asked him. As I was asking him, he walked slowly towards me with his flirty smile which he always gave me while saying, “Well, a pretty lady texted me by saying, you are on the way here looking for me”. I guessed, Tasha. She just pretend to be sad. I’m going to kill her. “Well Bel told me that you went to Singapore and what’s that?”. I know he is getting closer but what I care, I do want him to be closer to me. “I wanted too but something stopped me, maybe it you”. My heart pounds so fast and my cheeks got blushed away. He came closer and look into my eyes and said “Why I waited for you? Why I didn’t just go to Singapore? Why? You wanna know why?”. When he started to lock his lips to mine, I felt his breath. As all fairy tales, rain comes from nowhere. He put his hand on my cheek and we kissed. He look at me and said, “You even look more beautiful on the rain and this is why, I love you”. He said it. Well now I don’t have to run from anything. We slept on the street, I was almost going to be a whore, Tasha was almost going to die, we gave up on life, we met Maria, we met Mr and Mrs Evan, we met Cafe 1987, we made amazing friends, we took our burden away from forgiving our past; our parents and I found John. And guess what, Cafe 1987 is a place where you can find heaven.

The End

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