Cafe 1987 — Part Seven

As usual, I was preparing coffee for customers while thinking about the incident and also wondering what does John thinks about me, us. I’m too distracted and couldn’t focus on anything. So I decide to take a break. “Hey Bel. I’m at the back, if you need anything just call me”. I have no idea what supposed I do. How to confront John? Yes, he did gave me and Tasha shoulder to cry but that doesn’t mean he do not have bad impression towards us. After a long time, I felt alive but maybe its my faith that never was too enough. Should I call him? No, it would be bad idea. But I need to talk to him and clear everything. How? Why does my faith always need to be mean? Why God is not giving me some mercy? I was so upset with my life. As I was sitting on the small bench back of the cafe and started to teared up, I heard footsteps. I wiped my tears and wanted to get back in to the cafe, all of sudden Sam was standing in front of me. “Jas, we need to talk. Just listen to me for a second” pledge Sam. I just couldn’t even stand him for a nano second, what else a second. I pushed him and walked inside the cafe. I took a deep breath so that I can focus on my job else than him but even I wanted answers so why not just listen to his, conclusions. I went to back of the cafe, I thought he was gone but nope, he was sitting on the bench trusting that I will come back which I always does and he knows that. I walked to him and asked him straight-forwardly, “Look! Five minutes, clear it and leave and don’t ever come back again into our life. Got it?”. I look at him straight in the eyes, all I see was sadness. “I know what I done was not easy for you but trust me, I am sorry” said Sam. I had enough with his sorry all I wanted to know is why, “Just tell what you wanted else that asking me sorry cause I’m not falling into it”. As I point my finger on his face he grab me so hardly and yell, “Jas! I know what I did was not, but, it doesn’t change what I feel for you and it took so long for me to understand what you’ve been through”. It was funny when he said that to me, I instantly laughed out loud and told him, “So long? Sam, its way too late and I moved on. I’m in love with someone else and he’s a great man not a piece of shit like you and you know what, it does change in that very moment. I hate you just like how much I loved you. I don’t know what make my parents followed you here. but trust me, myself and Tasha learned how to live alone and we already got used to it. So Sam, I suggest you to leave and just continue your love life with your sweet whore. That’s what you wanted and you got it, easily. So just leave and about my parents, I know how to handle them. All I want is you to disappear”. He took a deep breath and he knew’d I’ve moved on way to forward and I don’t feel anything for him else than hate. I sensed, this will be the last time we see each other because he just kissed my forehead and left, silently. I don’t know why he felt that I will take him back but time does change and so do humans. I know his mistress left him and he is broke now, from the way he dressed up, its obvious he has nothing and she left hunting for new sugar daddy. But I am who I am, my tears did drop when seeing him left. He was the first person in my life who I found love and part of me even though I hate him, will love him forever. Just time heals everything.

I walked inside the cafe and saw my parents, waiting for me. “Did you guys planned? Just Sam and now you guys. This is my working place and didn’t I told you to leave, then why are you here? Can we just be like we used too cause I don’t want to sleep at the street again, if you guys didn’t leave, yes, we will again end up on the street. I beg you to leave me and Tasha, alone!!”. I didn’t shout at them but my teeth does hurt. Customers all around and I doesn’t want to bring up our problem to this place where I always feel happy and peace. This cafe means a lot to me and Tasha, that is why, even though she works at different place she still comes here to help. Even after saying that, my parents didn’t want to leave. I straight away went inside to the counter and call Mrs Evans and told her everything. Thanks to god that she understood the situation and gave me day-off. Immediately, I call Tasha and asked to be home too. She yelled on the phone and I believe her customers would have run away. Tasha is nothing like me, I don’t get angry fast but she is very fierce type and she also easily got emotional. I told my parents, to come over our place. They seemed happy but they don’t have any idea, what are we going to tell them. As I was walking out of the cafe door, John was standing there. Its windy out there and I saw his soft hair flying right and left. I wanted to run to him and hug tightly but I was not in that situation. “Where are going? And..”. I interrupt him and said, “I will talk you later, sorry”. I know that sound rude but I was in rush because I want to close this parents melodrama chapter forever in our life. He looked blur and sad but I had too. While driving to home, thinking what is going to happen. I realized that John is not going to be the same with me. Maybe even, talk to me. Since the day we had the connection, there’s always trouble. Its me, I’m the wrong person in his life. Life is not fair to us. But for now, I need to get back and settled this out. Why they’re back and what they want is going to cleared up in few hours. After that, I need to decide what I want in life. Should I be alone forever, tell John how I feel or leave everything behind and also; Cafe 1987, the place I called heaven?

Stay tune for the final chapter.

The End

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