Cafe 1987 — Part Six

“What the hell you’ll doing here? What do you want, now!!” I didn’t even realized that Tasha came down so fast after shower. She stand beside me and she was not my little Tasha anymore. She couldn’t stop yelling but all I know is that, she was in pain. “Jas, is everything alright? Who are they?” asked John. “Someone whom never knew for all these years whether we were alive or dead, so called parents and beloved ex-husband who cheated on me and killed my unborn child”. At that moment, I didn’t realized what will John think of me and how would he react. All I knew was, pain just like Tasha. “Hey guys!! We are hear!!”. Surprisingly Bel and Logan came at the wrong timing. “Guys, we should make a move. We will come by next time” said John. I look at John and he was upset that I didn’t even mention to him about my past life. I feel so hurt because after a long time, I felt like I am alive and happy again. “You guys don’t have to leave, the person who should leave is them!!” yelled Tasha. And I agree on it and told Bel and Logan to get in and help with the food and take care of John until we join. “Now, tell me what bring you’ll here and how did you’ll found us?” asked Tasha. “We hire a detective to find you. But we didn’t came here for troubling you and Jasmine, all we wanted to say is that we missed you and we want both of you back at home, happily” said by our father. “Are you done, Mr Patel? And how about you, Mrs Patel?” I know that I sound rude but do they deserve to be called as mom and dad? Not for us. “There’s no day I didn’t think of you two. I always pray for your safety. Your dad is the cause of me staying 7 years apart from you two. What sin I’ve done? I am a wife and a mother. Which one should I stood for? Tell me!!” said Mrs Patel whom is our mother. “And you Mr Murderer, oh sorry Sam. Anything?” said Tasha. When Tasha said it, I feel like wanted to laugh but I controlled. “Jas, can we talk privately?” said Sam. “Excuse me, anything just tell in front of us if not, you can leave” said Tasha again. “I’m sorry for what I’ve done but that doesn’t mean I stopped loving you. Your parents are always sad and ask, how to find you two. I know its wrong but we can work it out!” said Sam. I laughed and said, “Sam, you just saw a guy standing behind of me and you know what, we were about to kiss until you people showed up. And you know what, I’ve moved on and I don’t have any feelings for you else than pithiness in you. You asking for sorry, you know what, go to hell and burn. And you dad, are you going to die? Is that why, you wanted us back so that you find heaven, Oh no!! You are not going there not after you kicking out your 18 years old daughter out of the house just because she is a lesbian!! You are not going to heaven after blaming at your daughter’s miscarriage even after knowing your lovely son-in-law is the caused for that and he cheated on her. Yet after knowing that, you let us walk away from that door. And you mom, you cry and pray!! For what? We sleep on street and ate garbage for years. We slept on the street, mom!! No blankets, no clothes, no shoe, no food, no water, no money!! People spit on us!! Some even took advantage on us. Tasha nearly die too, mom. You were stuck in between of motherhood and wife-hood!! You didn’t knew for whom you supposed to stand for!! You should stand for the truth, mom!! And you Sam, love. Do you know what is love? You don’t!! If you knew, you wouldn’t cheat on your pregnant wife and keep your mouth shout when everyone was pointing on her. So don’t talk about forgiveness. Now before I call the police, leave!!” I didn’t knew from where all those guts came from but it did came after a long time keeping it in me. I took a long breath after yelling out every single pain that was captured in me and when I looked at Tasha, she was shocked too because she does that all the time.

She come closer to me and hold my hand tight and lay her head on my shoulder and we were watching at our parents who we loved the most in the world, walking in tears especially our mom.  We still love them. We do miss them. How can we don’t love them. But when we rewind our past, all we see is their ignorance. And we even know that mom, was telling the truth the truth but we can’t forget that she didn’t even stop us. She just let us go. And as for Sam, I knew him very well and I know he will come back. But for now, all me and Tasha wanted was a hug and crying out loud. John came closer from behind and hug us both. I know he heard all and I even can feel that he still loves me but I wasn’t sure, does he want me anymore? Bella and Logan stand quietly. As I turn and look at our parents and Sam, I know they are not giving up until we forgive them but what makes them to find us and ask for forgiveness? Even Tasha knew that something is wrong somewhere. But my question here is, why?

The End

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Copyright © 2016 by Radha.K Chettri

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