Cafe 1987 — Part Five

Me and John decided to take a walk. I needed to know, how can he left me without touching me and why he is nothing like Liam and how can he have a friends like Liam and Nana. “You must be wondering what happened that day!” said John. I stopped and look into his eyes and asked, “How come you are nothing like them?”. He smiled and said “It was years, Liam was my high school buddy. That day was my birthday and also I came home after years of staying at Singapore and he wanted to treat me so I agreed on it. I was late that night. And to be honest, its been long time since I wasn’t in touch with Liam and I did not have idea what was he doing and how fast someone’s attitude change”. I interrupt and asked, “Weird but your a man too, why did you let me go?” I wanted the answer, this is the only answer I always wanted to know. He step closer, put his both hand on my cheek which made my blood pressure high and he looked into my teared eyes and said “How can I harm someone who willing to sacrifice for their loves one. My mom taught to be a man who treat a woman like a queen not trash. I saw you was sleeping and you make me feel guilty as hell. But trust me, all these years I never forgotten you and Tasha and I regret of having a friend like Liam. And I’m so sorry for putting you and Tasha on that situation”. I was so emotional and my god, he’s crying which basically means he is sorry for everything. But he have no idea that, I was thankful that he save me that day. Imagine, if he wasn’t there? I would kill myself. Immediately, I hug him and said that I was glad that he showed up else than someone else. “I never was angry with you, John! If you didn’t showed up, I don’t know what would happen to us so thank you so much. Thank you John!!. And you are a man whom your mom had taught. You are a good son and a good person too”.

As we were hugging each other and cry. John looked at me with the look , I want to kiss you. I avoided by saying, “We should go back and Tasha is going to freak out and why you didn’t tell me on the first day, else than calling me, Miss Cupid” He knew that I wasn’t ready to kiss him, he gave me a smile while walking towards the cafe. That night, I told Tasha everything, I was scared how she was going to react. She was happy that it was John who helped us. She called John and invited him for a dinner along with Bel and Logan. “Should we just order food? Or pizza?” said Tasha. “Tasha, you invited people for a dinner and you talking about outside food. I’ll cook spaghetti with meatballs and sandwiches and also chocolate mousse, you don’t have worry I won’t ask you to wash the dishes instead just help me arranging the dining table”. I turn and look at Tasha, she gave me that you so annoying face. While I was cooking, door bell rang and Tasha ran to answer it. “You are early!” said Tasha. I thought it must Bel or Logan but I was wrong, it was John. I freaked out because I was cooking first of all and second, I look messy but I can’t run. Tasha giggle and ran upstairs to take a shower and I was stuck. I stand at the kitchen looking at him and he looked so hot. He had a flower bouquet on his hand. “Hey! Flowers for you”. He said while turning into pink. “My hands are full can you help me open this closet and get the vase? And it’s lovely” I feel stupid because I asked his help. As I went near him to show which vase to take, he gave me the flirty look of him and instead of opening the closet, he was getting closer to me. He put a step closer and mine are getting back, as I reached the no more space zone. He put my hair back of my ear and look into my eyes and said, “You look beautiful”. I looked at him and smile but my heart beat was raising higher and higher and that’s it. He put his hand on my waist and grabbed me even closer. This time I couldn’t avoid. Before I knew that he was the stranger who helped me and Tasha, I was already in crush with him. Moreover now, I knew that he’s the one who saved us, I can’t resist myself for not falling for this man. As he and I was about to kiss each other, door bell interrupted us. We laughed, I thought he’s going to stop but he kiss my forehead as he wanted to this for a long time. I looked at him and I wonder, why not all men are like him. I blush and went to open the door. As I open it, I saw those people whom me and Tasha, will never wanted to see ever even if they are dead. My mom, my dad and the person whom I hated the most, my ex-husband; Sam. I turn around and saw John standing behind me with, I love you so much look into his eyes. What should I do now? Why life?

The End

**By live4write(rkc)–posted from WordPress **

Copyright © 2016 by Radha.K Chettri

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