Cafe 1987 — Part Four

It was Christmas and extremely freezing and blizzard snowing. As I touched Tasha’s forehead, it was hot like a 100 degrees of boiling water. I woke her but she refused to wake, she barely couldn’t open her eyes. I open our luggage and try to search for money or anything to be trade so that I can took her to the hospital but I didn’t found anything. It was dark and the street was so quiet. I was hopeless and scared of losing her. I carried her and lay her on the bench in front of a bar. I walked in and ask for help but no one was willing to listen. One of the bartender, told me to walk out before he calls the police. The bartender and all the people inside the bar was no human because if they was a human, they would have saw my tears and helped me. When I opened the bar’s door to walk out, I banged into Liam. He was crueler than the people inside the bar. He gave me way to walk and as I walk towards  Tasha, he called me “Hey you!!” I didn’t turn as I knew that he’s not calling me to help. He came closer to us and asked, “Why are you running? I saw you crying so that’s why I called you but you, ran. Is everything okay?” For a minute I thought, there’s still good heart people. “My sister, she is not feeling well and we don’t have money to eat or to take her to the hospital. I asked for help but no one is willing to help me!! She will died!!” I sat beside Tasha and cried. “So you guys are homeless, I see!! My friends will be here in 10 minutes time. It’s one of my friends birthday and I wanna gave him a gift, if you agree with it darling!!” That’s it, I knew what was he going to tell. He told me to think as there’s still 10 minutes time. He offers food, clothes, place to live for a week and most importantly, Tasha’s treatment. I looked at my baby sister who was freezing to death and also my dignity, unfortunately, for people like us there is no such word as dignity. We need to do things, we never wanted too so that we can survive and keep our loves one alive. And I did the same. “Tell me where? I will do it!!” The smile he gave me, I hate him so much. How can someone take this much of advantage on a hopeless people. I cursed him deep inside so that people like him could suffer in hell. He took me and Tasha to a motel. It was a small room. He asked me to wait until he go and get one of his girlfriend so that she can make me look like a slut. As he walked out. I hug Tasha and cried. “Jas, I’m sorry!” said Tasha. “It’s not your fault. Go back to sleep” I stopped crying because I doesn’t want Tasha to be more weaker. I went and took a long shower. I cried and the waters wiped my tears. I keep staring at the mirror and suddenly I heard someone came in, I came out with a towel, fear of thief but it was Liam and Nana, his friend. She bought me dresses and some girls stuff so that I can look beautiful. “You are woman, aren’t you pity on me?” I asked Nana and the reply she gave me, I was shocked and I wonder, why we women suffer all the time. “I was an orphan and Liam’s father is my sugar daddy. I need to stay alive so I had too” I can feel that she hate doing it, just like me, she needs to stay alive. “So are you ready, bitch? By the way, what is your name?” asked Liam but when the time he called me bitch, I wished I kill him right away. ” Jasmine and my sister Tasha. When can I take my sister to the hospital?” I need to know it before I do it. “Now! We register her then do the hospital’s formalities then let the doctors and nurses take care of her and you take care of John!! And you can visit her every morning, well I’m not that bad person. And more thing, if John wants to keep you longer, just stay!! If you can’t, well your sister is pretty too and way to young, remember sugar!! Now carry her and let’ go!!”

“Tasha, I’ll come and visit you in the morning. I’ve done all the paperwork and doctor told me that you are having some virus fever and will be fine in a week. And listen, if anyone come and told you to follow by using my or someone else’s name, don’t go!! They force you, shout!! Don’t leave this hospital until I come and get you, go it!!” Since Liam mention Tasha, I feel more frightened. He is not a good person. I was only worried for Tasha. All the way where Liam was driving, I observed the main stores and parks or anything which easy to be found. I was sitting back of the car and Liam keeps on looking at me from the mirror. Nana turned around and gave me a smile. “John is my friend and he is not bad as me. Are you a virgin? I hope you are who knows, he fall for you!! Funny!!” he laughed at me because he thinks that an homeless person doesn’t know what does “sex” means. As we reached, it was a quiet place and it was a small cottage which Liam and Nana told me that its an inspiration of cottages but there’s a pool in the back. From the judgement I found out that the guy name John was a useless rich man and Liam, his sidekick. “This is your room and John will here anytime so get ready. And look John is nothing like me so do it harder!!” said Liam. When he was saying it, he grab me closer and grabbed my butt and stared me in the eyes and again he told me, to entertain John. I wished I could kick his knuckle harder that moment but I couldn’t, for Tasha. Once they left, I lay on bed and start thinking about life and I teared up. I was thinking how does this guy named, John look like. Is he like Liam? or even worst. Is he going to make me his side chick? Is he going to do harder? Is he going to abuse me? So many thing running inside my mind. I was scared but I decided to do this for Tasha. If not Liam will not take care her treatment’s expenses. As I close my eyes and opened, it was morning. I was shocked and the first think I concern was Tasha because I fell asleep and that John guy might showed up and left. Maybe he didn’t wake me because I didn’t wait and entertain him. I sat on down and started to cry. Suddenly a paper fell from the bed. I took it and read it.

Dear Jasmine,

I’m really sorry behalf of my friend , Liam. I did not expect that he would treat you and your sister, Tasha so rudely. Trust me, I didn’t wanted this at all. And when the time Liam told me, you are waiting. I feel so bad for you because no one deserve to be treat like this. I really am sorry, Jasmine!! And don’t worry about the cost of the hospital. As Liam promised you, I will fullfill it. Go and open your purse, I’ve put some cash on it so that you can buy some food and clothes. And as for the one week staying in the hotel, you can stay, I’ve paid for you. You might be wondering, why I didn’t wake you up. To be honest, I saw a girl who is innocent and willing to sacrifice anything for her sister. You are a good sister and I bet you will be good wife in future and a great mother too. I saw my mom in you. She’s just like you so tell me how can I harm a girl who have my mother’s reflect. I wish we meet someday and you will forgive me. I wanted to help you but I don’t know how but I will without your notice so that you and your sister get a life that you deserve. And this is my promise to you.

— John–

The End

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