Cafe 1987 — Part Three

Its Valentine today and as usual Tasha and her annoying behavior. “Jas, you are single and I’m single, why don’t we go out for clubbing today and find for a date? Its going to be the hardest day today, all we can see is girls holding roses and kisses everywhere. I want that too!!” said Tasha. “It’s 8 am in the morning, Tasha and you are talking about date at this time. And its only for one day, you can go through it, if can’t let me buy you, flowers and give you kisses too. You know sometimes I feel like you have mental illness but then I know, you are not but yet, you are crazy.” I said what I felt but deep inside I wished our life would be perfect too. Someone who give us kisses and hugs and gifts too. “Tasha, are you following me to the cafe today?” When I ask Tasha, I saw a girl who feeling annoyed being single on Valentine. I laughed on the spot and we both went to the cafe. When we reached the cafe, I saw Mr and Mrs Evans standing outside of the cafe, for a minute I was scared too because of the rudeness I behave with their son. “Good morning beautiful ladies!!” said Mr Evans. When he greet us, the heavy stone in my chest is relieved.  And again as usual Tasha and her mouth, “Happy Valentine Mr and Mrs Evans. So what did you bought for Mrs Evans? I’m looking for a date but I guess I’m all alone this year, again!” said Tasha. Mrs Evans laughed and said “When the right time comes, then you will never be lonely again. And Jas, can you help out Johnathan arranging stuffs at our new cafe?” I was numb for a moment and I change the topic too, “Then who is going to take care here?”. I hope Mrs Evans send Tasha or Bel or Logan with him but unfortunately Mrs Evans put Bel in-charge and I was ordered to help Johnathan out which I doesn’t want too.

As I was complaining to Bel and Logan who came back to work after a long holiday regarding not going to help Johnathan out. “Bel, why don’t you volunteer? And Logan, you are a man and you can do work more faster and Tasha, she is so happy about this until she refusing to listen or talk to me!! Guys please!! Don’t do this to me!!” I beg them but non of them willing to help me, yet they are happy. Suddenly. “So Miss Cupid, shall we move?” I looked at Bel and Logan with my left eye brow standing high. “Johnathan!” I called him. He turn around and smile which I wonder, what the hell!! and he walk away. “Jas, I think he likes you too!!” Tasha being so annoying right now. “SHUT UP!!” I shouted and walk to catch him and tell him that I doesn’t want to follow him instead take Logan with him. “Hey, Johnathan! Can I talk to you for a second?” I asked him. He shook his head and went inside cafe’s store room as we doesn’t have extra room to sit and talk. I walked in first and all of sudden he close the door and I started to feel nervous and almost black out too.  He looked at me like he have something to tell me but he is not. “So what do you want to talk, Miss Cupid?” he asked. His voice was grunge type but why he is so comfortable with me like he knows me for a long time but reality this is our second meeting after the incident. “First of all, stop calling me that and second I’m not coming with you and lastly…!!” They way he look at me makes me forget what was the last thing and why am I controlling my feeling and act like I’m angry which I’m not!! I can feel that I’m breathing way to fast and I started to feel nervous and the stare of him towards me. I couldn’t stand there not even one second, I went to open the door and walk out all of sudden he pull me closer to him. I wanted to shout but I couldn’t. I can feel his breath and my heart beats. Every step he takes backing me closer to the closet. “What are you doing, Johnathan? Let me go!!” My words are fake, I doesn’t want him to let me go. He came closer to my ear and whisper, “You are even beautiful now than before!!” I pushed him away and ask what does he mean by before and does he knows me before!! “How can you forget me this fast? Remember, Liam? You didn’t had money and you ready to do anything to feed your little sister and Liam offers you to be my one week sex partner and that partner who…!!” I interrupt, “who didn’t even touch me!!” I still remember that night on Christmas way years back. We were sleeping on street that time and Tasha was sick and hungry. I didn’t had choice else than agreeing on doing one night stand so that I can cure Tasha and feed her and get some money. I did get money, food and treatment for Tasha but the guy whom I supposed to laid with never showed up. “It was you?” I straight away hug him and thanks him but yet I wanted to know, why he didn’t show up that night? But for now, I just want to hold him tighter and cry out loud.

The End

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Copyright © 2016 by Radha.K Chettri

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