Cafe 1987 — Part One

January 2012, Valentines Day is getting closer and all I hear everywhere is “What is your plan, what are you going to give him or her?”. There’s still time for that, its like two more weeks or its different if you are planning to upgrade your relationship. But for me all these things are not needed in my life as long as Netflix is with me, I’m ready to chill! I live with my little sister, Tasha, whom never last with a person more than three weeks. Her excuses are acceptable because to find a perfect partner, he needs to have the George Clooney’s criteria expect for the ‘gay part” but he never exist in reality and she’s a lesbian. I always supported her in any matters. That’s the reason why we are living away from our family, they never agreed on this matter so I step up for her and here we go. I’m working in a cafe nearby our house which called “Cafe 1987”. I think it was open that year but the cafe is owned by an old couple, Mr and Mrs Evans and they come over for a visit every weekend. And for Tasha, she works at an outfit store, quite farther than here but she loves to work there even though they pay her less. Its her job and her life, as long as she pay the bills, I’m happy!!

Its Saturday morning and I need to open the cafe earlier than weekdays because most of the people they come over with their families and friends. Some are regular customers, they sat in the cafe for a whole day holding their books and laptop. And the weather today is perfect. Sunny and a bit cloudy and the wind are amazing. I wish I could get a day off, I’ll go to the nearby park and just observe this beautiful weather. It’s 7 am and I just got off from my bed, I normally sleep with an open window because I feel relaxed. And for Tasha, she loves to sleep in the dark and quietly. Most people they took bath and brush their teeth before having breakfast but for me, I don’t follow rules and so do Tasha. I always make breakfast for her as she is my little sister and little sister’s butt are always heavy. “Tasha!!! Breaksfast!!!” I always scream to her in the morning because that whats make her irritate and she get up angrily, at least I don’t have to wake her 100 times. “So are you coming today? We might need hand as Logan is not coming today and Bella will be there too” Tasha always help me on the weekends at the cafe for an extra income and else than that, Bella. Tasha has a huge crush on Bella but she never approached her because she thinks Bella might be straight which I don’t think so. “I’m not sure and I don’t want to feel sad, its like only I’m giving her the attention and she is not” said Tasha. ” You never ask!! So how can you be judge-mental. I know you very well and you are not that so man up!!” As I turn to her and pouring tea on her cup, she was speechless so I just ask her to follow me and I’ll take care the rest. She jump on the chair as she is 5 years old.

“Good morning, Bel” I said. “Hey morning, Jasmine and her sister, Tasha” she replied with a shock tone in her voice. “Hey Bel, morning” replied Tasha. As I walk to the counter to prepare things, I saw the love sign in both’s eyes so I thought, why not I interfere and work things out. “Hey guys, why don’t you both go to the store and grab some things for the cafe?” The silent in both is obviously saying, yes, and Tasha rolls her eyes at me which I pretend like I did not saw. Bella excite in and said “I think it will be amazing, don’t you Tasha?” The shock on Tasha’s face was funny and she replied with an awkward tone “Aahhheemm ya, ya cool! So wanna make a move?” As they walked out and I saw the joy on Tasha’s face makes me so happy!! I wish someone could make me feel the same way too but………”Soooo Miss Cupid can I have a cup of black coffee with less sugar?” I was stoned when someone called me Miss Cupid, I turn around and saw a muscular man standing right in front of the door with mustache and neat beard and green eyes and also dressed well like a Calvin Klein’s model sort off like George Clooney’s clone. I was stunned for a second and no words was coming out of my mouth. I said “Yeesss, sure just have a sit forrr 5 minutes” with a googling tone. While making the coffee, I felt something shaky in me like, am I over joy or am I nervous!! I couldn’t even turn and hand over him the coffee but I cover up my feelings because he is our customer. “Here you go!! Its 3.50” As I waited for him to hand me the cash, I stare at him for a minute and I realized, my heart beats very fast and I got stunned again. “So your friends, they’re in love and you helping them out!! That’s awesome and here’s 4, keep the change” As he start to put his one step back, I gesture him and said “The black hair girl is my little sister, Tasha, she works in the weekends and the short hair girl, Bella, she is a baker here!” I don’t know why I said that but I felt offensive when he called Tasha my friend which basically he’s a stranger and he have no idea that she is my sister. All of sudden, he came closer to the counter and whisper “I’m Jonathan Drew Evans, shortly John!! Mom and dad couldn’t be here today, and I guess everything is perfectly fine here!!” He blinked towards me and he gave that flirty smile and walk away. I felt like I had a stage 3 heart attack! Is he going to complain to Mr Evans?  Why he blinked? Gosh, am I screwed? And why, I feel something good? Instead of being worried, I’m smiling!! “Dear heart, please don’t tell me that I just had a crush on him!!”

The End

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