The Change – Final Chapter

(I’m here lying on the bed still not knowing the truth. I’m confused. My life was the good before Brandon came in. Why he is bugging my life and on the same place, why I feel like I’m in love with him?  He is distracting me!! Aaarrghhhh!! But I’m worried, all I need to know now is, where is my Ma and Pa?)

Me : How did I get here? And where is my mom and dad? I need to go now!!

(I wasn’t me! I feel like I’m getting some kind of premonition. I see, Ma and Pa and our house and Brandon so handsome and the house…….so beautiful……!!!!)

Brandon : Noooo.. Noooo.. Nooo!! Nurseeeeee!! Doctorrrrr!!!

[Its been three years since I’m here sitting with her, in the hospital. It’s kind off our second home. She is in coma for almost three year. Doctor said, there is no chance for her to wake and she will continuously get convulsions. But I think there is more than that, she knows, she remember and one day she is going to wake up and forgive me.]

Mr Tan : Brandon.

Brandon : Dad.

Mr Tan : Do you still have hope that Mei will wake up?

Brandon : Why not dad, after all I let her through and you want me to let even her go?

Mr Tan : Its was an accident!!

Brandon : What accident dad!!! She was happy at Spain. She was happy to be home too. She was happy to help you at the shop. She loved mom. She loved Jessica and Nazrin. She even loved you. I bet even now if she woke, she still will love you. She took me to met her parents, everything was perfect. You called by saying its urgent, I rushed!! I drove so fast dad, so fast until I didn’t saw the truck. I didn’t saw!!! I took her parents life!! Mom died giving her life to me!! Look at her dad, do you want me to take her life too? Wished you never called, dad!!

[I’m alive but I’m dead too. Seeing her everyday lying on bed makes me wanna kill myself for all the sins I did but what is dad’s fault. He called me cause he was at Spain for packing up my stuff and mom was in trouble here. He is not a Superman to fly over so he called me for help. It was my fault.]

Mr Tan : I’m sorry, son!!

Brandon : Day by day, I think there will be change in our life. She will wake up and say something but………wait!!

Mr Tan : What happen?

Brandon : Ssshhhhhh!! Dad!!!

[I pushed my dad away and I went closer to Mei because I heard something. I don’t know whether its my imagination or she did really called me!! My dad said that he did not hear anything. My sense for her is stronger.]

Mr Tan : Brandon!! You are over imagining. You need some rest!!!

Brandon : No dad! I did heard, she called me!

[As I went closer and hear nothing, I hold my dad and cried. I cried so that she really call me. I lay beside her and cried and cried and cried…and suddenly……]

Mei : I forgive you!!

[That was the last word I heard from her. She forgive me. Does it change my life? Hhhmmm..nope, it doesn’t. I live my life with regrets. People say, time heals and that’s not 100% true. What change is, the imagination of thinking that she might have a good memories and dreams while back there when she was in coma because every time I looked at her face, she glow. I don’t know why but I’m glad that she had the best memory even when she said the “three words”. How I knew? She smiled, “typical Mei!!”. Its been six months since she left me but the every each feelings she gave me, always will be remain in me and nothing is gonna CHANGE!!]

The End.

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Copyright © 2015 by Radha.K Chettri

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