The Change – Chapter 5

(It’s been two days since Christmas and I’m stuck inside my room, thinking why did I ran away from Brandon without asking “Why for me” Am I who I thought I am or there’s something I need to know. I can’t sit like this without knowing the truth. I need to call Mr Tan, now!!)

Me : Hiii Mr Tan, how are you doing there? How’s Christmas there?

Mr Tan : Girl ahhhh, stop worrying about me. Brandon called me yesterday!!

Me : Ohw!! Well you’ve must known why I called you!

Mr Tan : Yes, I do.

Me : Then tell me.

Mr Tan : All of your answers is with Brandon. All you need to do is sit beside him and just listen, patiently. Then you will know why. And girl ahhhh, Christmas here without family is no good!! I came here to Spain to help Brandon with his packing, nothing else as you think and I even needed a break from Nazrin and Jessica’s big mouth. Hahahaha.. Okay girl, you take care and go find Brandon before its too late!!

(When Mr Tan said it, I even didn’t say bye to him. I hang up, grab my purse and all I was thinking was to find Brandon. When I reach the shop it was written closed, I thought I’m not going to find him until the end of holiday season.)

Brandon : It’s closed and open on Monday. I bet you know that more than I do.

( There he was. Without hesitating, I went closer to him and straight away asked him.)

Me : Tell me, I want to know!

(He inhale a long breath and exhale it so deeply until I can feel his breath of sadness. He pulls me closer to him and we sat on the bench. All he told me was don’t talk, just listen!)

Brandon : Two year ago on Christmas, your parents! I mean, you was going to introduce me to them after we dated for 4 years in Spain. We went to the same college but in our entire life, we never bumped into each other here in Kuala Lumpur and we both thought; destiny!

(For a moment, I was about to vomit and I wished someone can kill me but how I don’t remember anything of it or maybe he is lying to me yet Mr Tan never lies. I need to know more.)

Brandon : I still remember the first time I saw you. Since the moment you entered the class to everything. It was like a slow motion romantic scene. Gosshhh!!! You were so beautiful and you still are and you always will be!

(I remember this somewhere, looking into his eyes was mesmerizing like I’m flying somewhere peace and beautiful, his words are so magically perfect.But why I see rage in his eyes?)

Brandon : I wished I can bring those days back and change everything to be even better. I wished I never came along with you on that day, if not your parents would have been still alive, I would not have lost my one kidney, my mom would be alive if she didn’t donate me her kidney and you.. I took everything from you that day!! And I’m sorry, I’m so sorry Mei!!

(I didn’t even get what he is trying to tell. But yes, where is parents? How did Mrs Tan passed away? Why my daily routine never change? Am I dead or all this is just a dream? Before I say anything, all I remember is waking up in a hospital and I saw Brandon was there, waiting!)

To be continue and stay tune for the final chapter.

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