The Change – Chapter 4

(I didn’t mean to hurt Brandon and I even can’t stand with lies more even, when its about Mr Tan. I think, I over reacted and this is not who I am. This is not what my parents taught me!)

Nazrin : I think you need to go and talk with him. Me and Jessica will take care of the shop. Go!!

(I saw Brandon was standing alone at the bridge with tears but as usual, he refuse to show it. I need to know things so that I know, the reason!)

Me : Hey!

Brandon : What do you want,now!!

Me : I’m so sorry about what I did just now, I’m really am sorrry!!

Brandon : What’s the point? I can’t bring back past!!!

Me : You don’t have too, sometimes you just need to let it go! I don’t know why you are saying this but every problems has solution.

Brandon : Solution? Huh! Everything is over for me!! Only waiting for death to take me!!

Me : Are you nut? Do you even know what are you saying? Aren’t the pain of losing your mom isn’t enough for you dad? How can Mr and Mrs Tan’s son…Mr Brandon Tan is nothing like them than a selfish asshole!!!!

(I didn’t knew this were coming. As I got angry and put my one step behind to walk away, all of sudden Brandon hold my hand. It was cold.)

Brandon : You were there, when my mom passed away?

(I statue for a second. His tone was different. This pass days tone was gone and I couldn’t walk away after hearing the sad voice of his.)

Me : Yes, I was there and I even saw Mr Tan cried. And the amazing thing was no one was there to shoulder him. No one knew that they had a son. It’s sad when I think how cruel is world, the nicest person have to suffocate all alone his entire life and the evil person lives happily ever after!! Only son wasn’t there for his father!! How great, isn’t it?

Brandon : Enough!!!! You said much!! Do you even have an idea why I wasn’t here or do you even know, why my parents didn’t even mention me to anyone!!! Do you know why?

Me : That is what I wanted to know, you are always in anger for no reason and you show up all of sudden and why do you always show your anger towards me, why??

(He grab me close to him and stares at my eyes so deeply. At that moment, all of sudden wind blows and starting to rain. I’ve been feel this closeness somewhere. The touch and the sound of his breath reminds me of someone. Before I push him away, he kissed me and said….)

Brandon : For you!!!!

To be continue……….

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