The Change – Chapter 3

(I’m wondering why Mr Tan didn’t even bother to tell me that he is going to China for a vacation, he always tells me things but why did he hide this from me. It’s been three days and Brandon is too bossy and annoying. Uuuggghhh!! I hate him!!)

Brandon : So Miss Day Dreamer, enough with dreaming and come help me!

Me : Do you have to be in anger all the time?

(Before he open his mouth, I walk away. As I was sitting and having my lunch, my phone rang and it was an unknown number. I answer it and it was Mr Tan.)

Mr Tan : Girl ahhh!!! How are you doing? How is the shop? How is Jessica and Nazrin? And Brandon, is he okay?

Me : Mr Tan, everything is fine here. But why you didn’t tell us that you are going to vacation to China!!  And Brandon is nothing like you!! He is too mean towards me and I have no idea why!! Come back soon, pleaseee!!

Mr Tan : Girl ahhh, don’t worry!! I will tell you everything once I come back and girl, I’m not at China!! I’m here in Spain but don’t you worry, I’ll be back soon!! You all take care and please take care of him! I only can count on you, girl!!

(The line was disconnected but why Mr Tan pledged me to take of Brandon? And why did Brandon lied to us? I couldn’t keep it in me, I walk straight towards Brandon but by the time Jessica stopped me and ask why I look so angry but I refused to tell her and told Nazrin to shut the shop’s door.)

Me : Why did you lied?? Why did you lied about the vacation??

Brandon : Ooohhhhwww!!! So my dad told you ahhh!! Everything or just a sneak peak?

Me : Knock it off!! I’m serious!! Why Mr Tan went to Spain?

Jessica : Whatt!!!!!!

Me : Yaaa, Mr Tan is at Spain not China and Mr Hulk here,LIED!! And I want to know why??

(I bang the table so hard until all the flowers fell on the floor but I was so angry that he lied.)

Brandon : It’s non of your business!! You are just a worker so act like one!! Got it!! My dad pay you so don’t act like you are my mom!!!! SHE IS DEAD ALREADY SO DON’T YOU TRY TO BE HER!!!

(For a second I pause, I looked at him and I went speechless. I turn around and looked at Nazrin and Jessica, they were about to teared up. Again I looked at him, all I saw was a man with full of regrets and he walk outside without saying a word. What on earth I did? I never speak to anyone like this!!  And why he didn’t show up at his mother’s funeral or even visited her? Is that why, he’s always in anger? I need to know why!)


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