The Change– Chapter 2

Six more days for Christmas and the excitement are thrilling for me. People are coming over non-stop, some even waited for the shop to be open. But hey, flowers are everyone’s favorite; Christmas or Valentine!

As I was arranging flowers, I heard someone came in but I didn’t hear any voice of welcoming from Nazrin or Jessica; it was weird.

Me : Hey guys!! Someone is here, you guys there?

(Jessica run towards me and whisper that Brandon is here.)

Jessica : Me and Nazrin decided not to welcome him since how he treated you, yesterday!

Me : He is Mr Tan’s boy, we have too! So go now and welcome him and tell Nazrin to be his self and Jessica, do it for Mr Tan.

Jessica : Why are you always this nice la? Okay for you!

Me : Love you!!

(Suddenly I saw Brandon was standing there right in front of my eyes when I said “Love you”, for a moment he stared at me like I said “I HATE YOU”. I was jammed, I didn’t knew how to react.)

Brandon : Love you ha! Seems you love them, a lot!

(I didn’t expect that he would even speak to me. My heart pounded so fast, my fist was chill but yet, I didn’t show to him that I was nervous.)

Me : Of course, they are like a family so do your father but seems you are non like him. Pretty sad!

Brandon : Brave but darling, you don’t know me. Anyway, since my dad flew to China for a vacation, guess what? I’m going to take care of this shop for 2 months starting from this very right moment.

Me : Waittttt…Whattt!!!!!

Brandon : Yeah, you heard me.

Me : But Mr Tan didn’t say anything to us, how can it be? Jessica, Nazrin can you guys come over here for a second.

(As I told everything what Brandon said to me to Jessica and Nazrin, we couldn’t believe that this guy who was being rude to me yeaterday is going to be our in charge, for 2 months!! I already got a sense that, my Christmas this year, is going to be HELL!!)

To be continue……….

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