The Change– Chapter 1

2014 is nearly end and people started to make plans for 2015 but my life, there’s no changes or will be. I’m working as a part timer in a flower shop as an assistant florist. My daily routine; wake up early in the morning, get dress, have some breakfast, go to college, have lunch, go to work, back to home, do assignments, dinner time, study until late night then sleep and again the day start with waking up.  My friends call it #youareboringlicious!! Yaa, my two best-buddies back there at the flower shop; Nazrin and Jessica. 

Today December 19th,2014. My mid-term holiday started and I’ll be working as a full-timer for this whole month and I’m so excited.

Me : Knock knock!!

Nazrin and Jessica : O.M.G!! Mid-term holiday is the best and good morning!!!

Me : Yay!!!

(I know they are overly obsessed towards me but they are the most sweetest person I ever known.)

Jessica : Guess what?? Haiyaaa, guess la!!!

Me : Whaaaaatttttt???

Nazrin : Mr Tan’s son is back to Kuala Lumpur after five years. And…..

Me : So what with that? You two stop gossiping and do your work la, if Mr Tan saw you two here without doing any task, he will KILL YOU!!!

Mr Tan : Good morning, my loveliest children!!

(Before we say anything, he interrupt us by introducing his only son, Brandon Tan who came back from Spain after five years. I never seen him this happy since his wife, Mrs Elizabeth Mary Tan passed away two years ago. Mrs Tan was a great person and so do Mr Tan, just sometimes he scold us because of Nazrin’s and Jessica’s big mouth and he even forgive us and treat us just like his own child.)

Mr Tan : Meet my son, Brandon!! Aren’t he good looking?? Just like his father, hahahahah!!!

Nazrin : Hello sir, welcome back to your motherland!! I mean mothercountry..nooo mother, nevermind!! Hello!!!

Jessica : Haiyaaaaa move la!!! Hellllloooooo!!! Welcome!!

(The time when I wanted to welcome him, he even didn’t bother to look at me and I feel like a dumb!!!)

Nazrin : Wallawei, arrogant mehh!!

Jessica : Cehhh!!! So no nice leh!!

Me : Let it be guys. Maybe he is just tired or maybe….whatever!! Lets get back to work, we have so much delivery to do as Christmas is near. So Jessica, you are not inviting us??

Nazrin : Yaaa, we want food, don’t be stingy la!!

(Even when we were talking and joking and ignoring what happened but I was wondering, is he really Mr and Mrs Tan’s kid? But who cares, for me Christmas was near means a lot flowers to be made in short way, WORK!!)


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