Goldy the Fish

My name is Goldy, that’s how they call me. They mean the people who feed me, day and night. I live alone in a big water tank which they call an aquarium with full of stones and grasses. Yes, I live alone. How I feel?            I feel lonely. I have no friends to talk or play with. I even cry sometimes. They do take good care of me but I want more than that. I want them to touch me, feel me. Sometimes little they scares me, little they hit the aquarium so hard and it keeps me in fear all the time. They even put me into a non-oxygen aquarium so that they clean the aquarium I live in. But I suffocate, I need oxygen!  They put me back into the aquarium I live after they realize that I’m about to die and that’s how my friend Goldy died. Since then, I live in fear every second of my life. My life in the aquarium is sad and fearful and I wish there is no other Goldy lives here after me!

**By live4write(rkc)–posted from WordPress **


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