What is life??

What is life? Is life meant to be for being happy and sad? Or the rich one lives happy than the poor one always sad? For me life is creepy sometimes, you born then you die. But in between of born and die, what is it? Money or Love? Hell or Heaven? For most of us, life is a hell. You need to work your whole life for food and necessaries. If you born rich, well you are the lucky one, if you born poor then struggle harder. So where does heaven comes from? From God? In this world there are believers and nonbelievers. I’m kind of in the between of both. I don’t really get the philosophy of believing and not believing. What is believing? Do I have to believe that, you do good today and tomorrow you will get the prize? Who created this line? Human? Alien? For me believe is a strong word, because it came from trust. Trust which you have in everyone. You go to a restaurant, order drinks from a waiter/waitress who is a total stranger yet you trust that he/she will never split on your drink. Where does trust come from? Trust is attach to human and It begins with love. Love is that feeling which naturally is in you. Love is not only in between of mother to children’s, husband to wife, brothers to sisters or boyfriend to a girlfriend, love comes from every aspect. You love human, you will love animal; you love animal, you will love nature; you love nature, you will love things and when you love things, you will love the world. And the world is “full of life”. Sometimes we don’t get it because it makes us go crazy even I don’t get it all the time. But when you read the circle, you will realize that; this is how life look alike. Poor or rich, we all have to walk the same path only with different difficulties or happiness but yet we still ask the same question; WHAT IS LIFE?

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