It’s been five hours and she is still sleeping so quietly. Why isn’t she talking to me? Did I mess up? If yes, she can wake up and scold me, hit me or even kick me but her silence; killing me. Her smile, her smell, and her touch are still capture in my eyes. How can she leave us? How can she ever forget all the promises she make?
Today is the day she was waiting for. For her little Angel turns to 10. Five hours before she was irritated with the green shirt I wore, she hated that shirt but I love to irritate her too. Whenever she get irritate, she give me that look, make her big blue eyes winked and tightening her teeth inside so that no one notice she is angry with me. Valentina’s parents came to surprise Angel with her new blue birthday dress which she wore on the spot after she handed her. She looked like a real fairy-angel and for that she keeps on saying to me; I’m the best dad in the whole world. What else a father wants! While Valentina was preparing the cake, Angel pleaded me for some apples from our garden. Without hesitating and complaining, I went to the garden with Valentina’s parents followed by Angel who were watching and jumping when I climbed that tree. Valentina came from the kitchen with a knife in her hand. She always thinks two steps farther than us, so she brought a knife for in case if we need to cut apples. While she was walking towards the garden, she saw that I was struggling and she laughed and climb the tree to help me out. While climbing the tree, glaze of the sun hit through her pretty face and makes me stumble for a minute. She looks glowing and her cheek turns to red. So what if we are eight years married, our love, romance and compassion are the same. I love her then; I love her now and will forever. While stumbled up, I slipped and fell so hard on ground and broke my left arm. When she heard Angel shouted so loud and saw I was lying on the ground; bleeding. Actually, it wasn’t real blood, it was Angel’s drawing the one with theme of Red Apple in Red Juices, where she colored red and left it down at the apple tree where I felt on. Before I ask Valentina to not panic and come down slowly. She yelled “You are bleeding!”
And she fell down so hard and hit her head and that’s how she went to coma. It’s been five hours now, doctors said she might not remember anything once she woke. I sat beside and I pleaded her to wake, while I was tearing she shouted and said “Mom! You kill my Remy!” After five hours she spoke, I grab her tightly because she was begun to “walking coma”. I hugged her and yell, “YOU MUST WAKE UP! I SAID WAKE UP!” Slowly she opened her eyes and without bothering that we were surrounded by doctors and nurses, she woke straight away and kissed me on lip and asks “What happened and how can I be here? I had the scariest dream!” I smiled and the doctor told her that she is very lucky to have such a life partner, as me. While the doctors and nurses went out from her ward, I sat beside her and hold her in my arms so tightly and said; “Honey, I know you don’t remember a thing so let me tell you what happened. Okay!” She looked so tired and even looked scared. She say, “The only last thing I remember was climbing that tree with you and fell down” She was stumble and keeps looking into my eyes searching for an answer. I smiled and said, “Yes! As we were climbing the tree, I tripped and fell on Angel’s drawing. Remember? The one with theme of Red Apple in Red Juices, where she colored red and left it down at the apple tree where we felt; Remember honey? You were coming down so rushed out and you fell hard on the ground and went to coma for five hours! And you dreamt your mom killed me! Just because she was holding the knife you handed her! She is sometimes mean to me but killing me!” She laughed out so loud and I said “Thanks to god, I grabbed you and told you to wake up because you were about to ‘walking coma’!” I kissed her forehead and I told her that “The doctors and nurses are wrong, I’m the lucky one and promise me, you will never do this again to me!” She hug me and said “It’s true what people say, no matter where you are; the one who love you always will be there to hold you” For a minute I didn’t understand what she said but all I understood is, she said I LOVE YOU!

The End

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Copyright © 2015 by Radha.K Chettri

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