Fairy Tale story—> In different perspective.

Today, I was going through with my childhood story books and found out this interesting fairy tale’s book about Princess and The Frog. Since this story was compiled by Othman Puteh and Aripin Said (Malaysian Authors), they changed the view and perspective of the story and gave title named  “The Tortoise and the Princess”. As I’m just a beginner and still on learning progress and I wonder, “why don’t I grab this opportunity to make this story in other way of perspective–like the “I” voice”. So I started to write and I came with this;

Me and my wife Gondu was a happy couple, the only emptiness in our live is having no child of our own. One day, I went out for fishing but had none; all I had is a tortoise. I repeatedly let it go but I keep on catching it. I felt so angry and grab the tortoise, cursed and fling it as far as I can back to the river.
“Is there nothing else in this river to catch?” I complained and shouted aloud and suddenly I heard a voice.  “Yes, I am the only one here right now. I don’t blame you for getting angry, Father. Since you don’t know me, it’s easy for you to say bad things about me,” said the tortoise which I flung it far away.  I felt surprised and ashamed. So I grab the tortoise and brought it back home.  I and my wife decided to raise the tortoise as our own child.
“Father, Mother! I would like to marry the princess” said the tortoise that grew big. I told the king what our son, the tortoise had suggested. The king became so angry and threatened to execute us but the princess stopped him.
The princesses have no objection to become the tortoise’s wife. But the king put few conditions. “The tortoise must build a palace more splendid than mine, second he must construct a golden bridge to connect the palace to mine and third, this all must be done by dawn.”
Me and Gondu went back with fear and regret and told the tortoise what had happened.
The next morning, when we woke up and saw all the villagers was astounded. During the night, a beautiful palace appeared from nowhere and it also connected to the king’s palace. The king had no choice and allows his daughter to marry our son, the tortoise.
The next day, was the wedding day. At the wedding day when the tortoise seated beside the princess, it suddenly changed into a handsome, elegantly dressed young man. From that day on, the tortoise that had turned into a human being lived happily with his princess. And they took me and Gondu to live with them in their palace forever as “Father and Mother.”

As far as I read it, I feel satisfied and confident that I can be a good writer. So I would like to request, to those who view my page and read it, please give me feedback on this so that I can make the story much more better. Peace!!

**By live4write(rkc)–posted from WordPress **

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