Flying Time —> First ever story!

November 20, 2001

My life has been always wonderful and happy with our 3 months old baby, Joy. She came to our life like an angel; she smell like a flower. Every time she laugh, her cheek became pink and her dimples make her look so cheerful. My husband, Mr. Jayson Smith is an architect, he is a funny, caring, helpful and loving husband and also a very good father. Joy is his life. And she is daddy’s little princess. On weekends, he will be on leave and I get the opportunity to go for a shopping, hanging with friends and time to write. Thats why I call myself, Mrs. Rachel Smith the luckiest wife plus mom in the whole wide world. All of my friends envy of me to have such a perfect happy family.

August 20, 2002

Today is the exact day when Joyce Smith were born and she is 1 years old today. She wore that dazzling pink dress which her aunty Jane(Jayson’s sister) bought for her as a birthday present, she looks so beautiful in it. My husband hold my hand and said, “Thank you for bringing her in our life”. All of sudden, I heard a whispered voice saying, “Honey! Wake up, please wake up”. When I open my eyes and I realized that I was dreaming and the time fly unacceptably fast and I got to know that today is August 20, 2003. But all I asked to Jayson was “Where is Joy?”

August 20, 2003

Today I’ve got to know, I was in coma for a year. I sat alone at the hospital’s balcony and try to remember what did really happened on that day. And I managed to recall it. I was on the phone with my mother who couldn’t make it that day because my father wasn’t feeling well and Jayson, he was busy handling other kids. While talking on the phone, suddenly I heard kids shouting when I turn and look, Joy was standing at the edge of our apartment’s balcony. Without thinking anything I dropped the phone, I ran to grab her hand and I did reached her hand but I was too late, we both felt so hard on the ground from the first floor of our apartment. I went to coma for a year. I am a wife and as a wife I will move on: I have to moved on for his sake. Afterall he is a father too and the pain are same as mine but as a mother, my guilt, my pain, my love and my tears will never ever stop falling for you, my dear Joy. 

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